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happy life thanks Allah^^
Tuesday, November 26, 2013 | 4:18 PM | 0Comment

haii sekarang saya tengah chillin out at ruang tamu.
well aku rasa mau gila tengok korean drama tadi. it is "Jang Ok Jung". because it is romantic. like seriously? the hero is so freaking handsome TT 

btw  baru sebulan d SmkT ada suda yang mengonfess. hahaha y fool tu aku. why the hell I can accept him? maybe I was too happy with him. he is friendly. and we end up after 14days anddd he was truly happy now with her new girlfriend. sengil chukkahae! it is mean congratulation. hihi btw we end our relationship because I didn't have that feeling. I mean I didn't love him for real. haha 

Alhamdulillah I still can live without him. even doe I feel boring. but but I have a lot of friend. and now someone is still waiting for me. but BSM. belum sampai masanya. hahaha

Dan Alhamdulillah jugak my phone tak la silent sangat. ada juga y selalu chat dengan aku. jadi taklah forever alone sangat. hahaha he is harabeojie. ba gila jaa aku dengan dia. well dia selalu curhat dengan aku sebab dia fall in love dengan kawan ku. muahaha. kalau teda y text punn, I have my youtubers to watch xD

and now I want to hang my time with my friends. zuna ssi! bogoushipoeeeee :( I didn't meet her cause during stpm, we're being seperate. canga also already fly to KL. yeah untunglah she can meet calonk there. takpa, asalkan dia bawa ole2 untuk aku nanti. hahaha kbabai!