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Tuesday, December 3, 2013 | 9:51 PM | 0Comment

anyeonghaseyo to ladies and gentleman.
actually I'm starving right now. my omma doesn't tell me anything what I need to cook for tonight. I'm shaking. maybe because of da caffeine from the nescafe that I drank before. I'm prefer to drink tea than nescafe. ok what the hell I'm talking about -.-

btw I want to talk about le boys. this boy is always text me and actually we doesn't talk about important thing. and it is BORING OKAY. so aku mula untuk tidak layan dia. muahaha and he comment my status on my facebook acc. it seems like he mad at me cause I didn't reply his text. hahaha

I'm sorry if I was so mean. I don't know why the heaven I act like this. maybe it is because of my upcoming PMS. cheongmal miyanhae. just give me some space and InsyaAllah I'll contact you soon. hahaha macam harapan -.- k aa bye.

*btw currently I can't upload any photo cause I'm using tab. it's kinda slow to upload a photo. huh jelek entry I kalau teda gambar :\ haha