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congratulation canga :)
Friday, May 23, 2014 | 2:08 PM | 0Comment

 Im extremely happy cause stpm sem2 is already over!

now I can do whatever I want. online, sleep, overeat, watching tv, sketching and stuff. but not in a long time la. hahaha. as you know, canga kan bertauliah di Putrajaya untuk arp emas dia. now she is safely arrived at Putrajaya. habis jak paper sejarah, petang tu dia fly dahh. Im so proud of her cause she is beliawanis pertama di sabah. wahwah hebat lah my canga. hm sebelum ni aku mimpi aku nampak baaaaaanyak bintang betaburan di langit sebab canga. maybe she is the star! dia peroleh kejayaan sekarang. Im as her sahabat wanna say a big congrats to you. I know you have lot of problem and stuff to complete this. so I wish you buy ole-ole yaa hahahahaha ily :*