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semester one is over
Wednesday, January 20, 2016 | 9:12 PM | 0Comment

hey gurl. or boy? or what ever u r? potato human maybe?

im basicly on my holiday at tawau. yeah where else? duh. i have a great+bad day at ums for 4 month. hell yeah. all things up and down. of course the possitive things r more than the negative. but the the conclusion is. i sleep a lot than studying at ums. what the hell is wrong w me?? i love to sleep. cuz its good. very good. hahahaha. im having sooo much fun. kampung E is the best place ever at ums. sebab apa? variety of food. banyak orang boleh scan senpai nsem. tapi malangnya buta. lupa bawa spec tiap kali turun cafe. kalau ada senpai nsem pun a'au atau dah ada awek. booooo mereka hahaha just kiddin. 

and the best day too, week of Tamu Gadang. oh god. it was my craziest night ever in one week. ndakla jugak wild party. but yeah banyak artis datang. banyak makanan dijual and i dont shop a lot okay. just having some fun w my friend. lagipun depan kg e jak jadi senang ngahah.

this place. mm where i lost. at divergent's place.. goodbye for now!